the explosion


k m starr
Someday, I will say all I need to say.
When that will happen, I do not know
. My head is restricting my thoughts;
One day my heart will just erupt,
And all the words and emotions will come gushing.
And everything that needs to be said, will be said.

Someday, I will have passion.
Desire to fulfil its requests.
I will thrive off its existence;
And my work will serve its purpose.

Someday, I will know the truth.
What the truth is, I do not know.
My people are warring, with hatred and greed;
One day the truth will flow with harmony,
Yet, reconciliation is no end, the hatred is our lives.
And everything that needs to be done, will be done.

Someday, I will love myself.
Look after myself and care for others.
I will put myself first, putting others first too.
We will all be one, and I will serve you.

Someday, I will be. I will live. I will know.
Perhaps that is death, I do not know.
Our psyche is fuzzy, ridden with lies;
One day we will all be. We will all live. We will all know.
Because of me.
And everything that needed to be said, was said.