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Fix for a common problem on the Fish

Over the years this website has been up, three people have contacted me with very similar problems. Firstly from Richard Lamotte

Hi Dave

Can you advise me ! I have recently acquired three fish! 1.25 mini set up seems to work well 
on the small engines ! But I also have two 1.5 down drafts which I have tried on a modified  
minisport manifold ! It pulls like a train but I get fuel spitting out the vent hole on  
deceleration ! Any advice would be great ! I suspect the set up of the feather valve ???

Many thanks Richard 

Ps there was a set of four the chap was running them on a flat four racing bike with sidecar ! 

Secondly from Maurice

Hi there

My name is Maurice Im based in Cambridge New Zealand thanks for all the
information. I have a reece fish carb a type  I bought it off an old chap
its NOS.

I picked up one of these and Im running it on a super charged vw engine
Im having problems getting it to run. It will rev no problem but it stalls
and wont idle and fuel sprays out of the air vent. Do you have any

hope you can help.



Finally and most recently from Pieter

Good day Dave,

I was hoping that you might be able to aid me in a problem I am experiencing with my Reece Fish 
carb. I live in South Africa and information and expertise in fish carbs is completely 
non existent. I recently fitted the carburetor to a 1985 mazda 323 1500, with extensive internal 
and external modification, due to the original carb (also a modified weber 36dcd7) becoming 
way too heavy and suffering from age. The problem that i have is that when the engine is running 
at a low rev or cranking, the fuel starts spewing out of the top breather on the float chamber. 
I have tried adjusting the float to no success and even lowered the fuel pressure. 
Currently the butterfly has been set to run just slightly rich.

Now my question is, is there anything that i should check on the carburetor itself? 
Does the breather have a one way valve inside of it that is malfunctioning?

I am kind of stumped at this point and instead of just chucking it, i would rather try 
and fix the problem.

Thank you for your time and for reading my email.


Pieter van Deventer

Now when I get fuel spitting out of the air vent on any carb, and it runs roughly, I always suspect the float valve. I have a similar problem with my 1.5" fish carnbs, and I know it is not the problem in my case, and all these guys are experienced, so they will have checked it too! I do suspect wear on the spindle causing back pressure in the fuel chamber, but what is happening is a bit more than that.

So in all cases I suggested some ideas (including sending Maurice's reply to Pieter), and I got these replies in return. If either of these fixes work for you, I am sure Maurice and Pieter will be very pleased to have helped!

The solution from Maurice

Hi Dave youll be glad to know I got the reece fish carb running well.

What had happened was the allen key that supports the pick up arm that
slides over the metering groove. Had been refitted lifting the daiphragm plate away
from the pick up arm causing fuel to get around. This was because it wasent
seated properly.

Hence it ran poorly. But Now!

The solution from Pieter

Good day Dave,

I am happy to report that your advice has been fundamental in solving this puzzle i had with the carb.

I opened up the carb and inspected around the diaphragm for any signs of pitting, wear or leakage and found none. 
I checked the leaf valve and found that it had dents in the sealing area (scratches) which i replaced by making a 
new valve out of shim stock (I cant remember the size off the top of my head though).

Another thing i did was remake a gasket from 0.4mm gasket material but instead of following 
the original pattern, the central pattern i made in the form of the diaphragm, 
with about a 1-1.5mm edge smaller than the plate, thus covering the edges of said diaphragm 
and preventing any sort of air pressure or vacuum interference.

The carb is now running smoothly without any signs of fuel blowout from the breather 
and the fuel mixture appears to flow more smoothly inside of the main barrel as well.

The only thing that is left to do is search for a air filter that will be able to work 
on it, which could be quite difficult seeing as the people that used to mess around with 
these carbs is long gone or have moved onto other things.

Thank you again for the solid advice and I hope that my own struggles may be able to 
help another enthusiast some day.


Pieter van Deventer